This course is an online and offline learning program based on the text “I can speak so much from beginners! 160 hours of learning Japanese with narrative”.



In this course, the administrator will support your learning while checking your learning level. By completing all of this course, you will have acquired Japanese proficiency equivalent to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N4. Everyone, please study in this program, learn Japanese, and become an active person in Japan and around the world.

学び方 How to learn


In online learning, you listen to the voices of the characters’ narratives, imitate them, and learn the words naturally from the sounds. And practice so that you can talk alone like a character. After deepening your understanding of the content of the story through Q & A, check the grammar that appears in the narrative. Try the exercises many times until you get a passing score.


This learning program is configured by the following contents.



Explains what you can learn in this chapter.



These are the new words that appear in this chapter. Please check the meaning and pronounce it together.


For each chapter, you will find out about Can-do (what you can do by studying in this chapter) and present a new vocabulary. Make a note of the new vocabulary in your notebook so that you can learn it offline.


In offline learning, first check the meaning of the new word. Write or review grammar and exercises in your notebook to improve your Japanese. You can also study Kanji by yourself, so please study carefully.

勉強の仕方 How to learn

登場人物紹介 Character Introduction

登場人物を見る Character Introduction


参照にしてください。 This is the refer pages.


数・数え方 Numbers/Countingを見る

月・日 Calendarを見る

動詞の活用 Verb conjugationを見る